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Dr. Hooman Melamed always appreciates feedback from his valued patients. To date, we’re thrilled to have collected 38 reviews with an average rating of 4.97 out of 5 stars. Please read what others are saying about Dr. Hooman Melamed below, and as always, we would love to collect your feedback.

I have suffered with chronic back pain for over 15 years. I have endured more epidural injections than anyone should, physical therapy, hospital visits and way more pain medications than is deemed safe. I had only managed to mask the pain and eventually I couldn’t even do that any more. Through it all I had to maintain a highly physical business. Living with pain was so depressing, debilitating, and at times, hopeless to the point that I felt I didn’t want to live at all. Meeting Dr. Melamed was a life-changing event for me, a miracle. He made me feel calm and that he understood my pain and most importantly, I believed that I could trust him to take care of my spine and my life. I also believed that for the first time in years I would be out of pain after the procedure and recovery. Dr. Melamed and his attentive staff spent countless hours going through every detail of the surgery, post-surgery and rehabilitation with me in-person, via email and on the phone. They answered every question I had no matter how small and they handled all the insurance details too. I worked with them on all the details so that nothing was left to chance. Everything worked out with exceptional planned precision. I was in for a huge surgery which would take over 8 hours. There was going to be a big recovery time and every part of the plan needed to be in place from the beginning. The surgery was on May 17, 2017 and was a complete success! The procedure went exactly as planned. All the doctors, nurses and staff at The Marina Del Rey Hospital were exceptional, professional and kind. My stay in re-hab at The California Re-Habilitation Institute was practical, informative and top-notch in instruction and care. Dr. Hooman Melamed is a brilliant, kind and caring surgeon. He has really given my life back to me and I couldn’t be more grateful. After four months of recovery I resumed working again and have taken up Pilates in order to stay strong and flexible. My surgery was 9 months ago and It is astounding that I do not have any back pain as long as I am maintaining my stretching and strength training. I cannot say enough about Dr. Melamed, my fabulous doctor! Truly for me he has been a life-saver and life-changer. He has cared about my total health and well-being, not just the financial gain. I am and always will be eternally grateful to him. I would recommend him to anyone seeking treatment for spine issues and I will not hesitate to call on him again if I should ever need additional consultation or surgery. For those of you that want to know what my surgery actually was, here it is in medical terms: The surgery was done in 3 parts: Part 1: Anterior Lumbars Interbody Fusion on L4-L5 with Instrumentation and Allo/Autograft & Bone Morphogenetic Protein Part 2: Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion using Lateral Approach on L3-L4 with Instrumentation & Allo/Autograft & Bone Morphogenetic Protein Part 3: Posterior Spinal Fusion on L3-L4, L4-L5 with Instramentation & L3-L4, L4-L5 Posterior Microdecompression
Ali I.
I cannot find words to describe this precious surgeon and staff and the surgery that I experienced in my life. He is the best and I recommended him and will continue to recommend his honesty and surgery on by spine. I am free of pain and look like a new born and enjoying my life steps . 4 months after the surgery I am unlimited member of Pilates and can move easily , no pain, and enjoying my rest of life with this fabulous surgeon hands and recommendations foe healthy life style.
Melineh K.
I had severe back problem after even second surgery in minnesota. Back was really bad and painful that I did not had life for 23+ years. I had seen many many doctors in minnesota including Mayo Clinic in Rochester. But no doctors wanted to touch my back. When I saw Dr. Melamed on The Doctors show , I wrote him a letter , and he decided to help me. Order many test etc. on 2-08-16 I had my spine surgery by Dr Melamed in L.A. Dr Melamed took a Hugh big challenge. Dr Melamed and his staff are very very kind and helpful . Also they made sure that I am ok since I was from other state. My stay in L.A. Was unbeliable. I took my first trip last week to Vegas and I did not have any pain in my back. That is a Hugh for me. Dr Melamed is spine surgeon of the universe. I wish I would have seen him 20-25 years ago. I would have been able to work. Dr Melamed had changed my life for good . What else 71 year old women wants. I am happy
Daksha P.
I can’t say enough good things about Dr Melamed I have multiple friends who have been operated on by Dr Melamed and they have all been very happy with the outcome but the real mark of what an incredibly patient centric approach Dr Melamed takes is the fact that even though I was very willing to have an extensive surgery with him he advised I work extensively with a physio instead and now I am doing immeasurably better. Patient, kind and professional... and a genuinely nice guy to boot!
Henry M.
Dr. Melamed is very professional, kind and a terrific doctor! He truly cares about helping me with my pain. Dr Melamed has helped me overcome my neck and back problems. I trust him fully! The staff is very kind and professional as well. Thank you Dr Melamed for all your help!
Gila A.
I had back pain for a year and 8 months. I was feeling miserable, physical therapy made me better but my back pain came back again and again and apparently I had gotten worse. I couldn’t even sleep during night. I tried chiropractors, physical therapy and even spinal decompression. I was in tremendous amounts of pain, could barely walk and was waking up every few hours throughout the night, not knowing what to do. After meeting with Dr. Melamed, he took his time to go over my x-rays and explained everything in great detail and patiently to me and my family. I decided to do surgery, even though I was scared from horror stories I had been told. I cannot express how happy I am with my result from my surgery. My back pain is nearly gone. I am about to begin my physical therapy to help me in my final step of recovery. I cannot thank him and his staff enough for everything. Dr. Melamed is the angle who saved my life. I just wish I had met him sooner. I cannot believe he even took time to personally check up on me multiple times though out my recovery. Thank you for giving me my life back after everything that I have been through!
Mona Y.
Dr Melamed’s services are top notch. He is an expert in his field using minimally invasive techniques for optimal results and expedient recovery. He is a compassionate and dedicated doctor. I highly recommend Dr. Melamed for any spinal surgery.
Wendy D.
Dr Melamed is a fantastic Surgen my back is pretty bad from arthritis and he has changed my life in so many ways he really cares for his patients THANK YOU DR MELAMED!!!!!!
Dan N.
4 reviews 5.0 star rating 11/30/2017 I can't thank Dr. Melamed enough. There was a moment about two months ago from now where I was told I was 2mm away from severing my spinal chord. Dr. Melamed took me right in and we did the surgery pretty soon after we met and he looked at my MRI. Needless to say the surgery went awesome. I have recovered very quickly following his instructions. I am so grateful for what he's done. He's a true artist, professional and he fucking nailed it. I am pain-free and on the road to recovery. I would refer anyone to him when it comes to the Spine.
John T.
While surgery is never a fun experience, the staff and physicians were amazing in all aspects of my visit. I can not praise them highly enough.
Robert S.
From the moment I walked into Dr. Melamed's office, I felt sheer comfort and very welcomed. His assistant, Holly was the first person to take time and visit with me, and gave me an idea what I can expect. She was very patient, and not at all hurried. Then, a few minutes later, Dr. Melamed came in, and it was like a light that flowed into the room. I knew right away, he was the surgeon I was going to chose. After spending almost an hour with me, there was no doubt that I would entrust him in doing surgery on my back. I felt like I was in a medical class room, as he explained everything in detail to me. We sat in front of his computer, and viewed all of my x rays, MRI, etc. and pointed out what was not normal, but also what he would do to help my condition. I requested minimally invasive surgery, and that is exactly what he was able to do. I could tell he thoroughly studied all of the views, and had a plan. He was one of the only surgeons who said he could perform minimally invasive surgery, where everyone else said they preferred to not do that. They required that I have my entire back "redone". Needless to say, I am now 100% pain free, and only one month later, I can walk with vigor and pleasure. Haven't been able to do that for a year. It will take awhile before I can ride my horse and dance again, but it is worth the wait, knowing that I will be living my life pain free and with unbridled joy. Dr. Melamed is a stand out in his field, and would recommend him to anyone who is seeking to regain their life back again. He is also very warm and sincere, and will give you all of the time you need. I have to further say, HE "ROCKS."
Dorothy Nicki L.
To say that Dr. Hooman Melamed is the most compassionate, caring and talented surgeon in the United States would be an understatement. Through my many years of suffering, excruciating pain, and surgeries, I can assure you, I've met many doctors, but none quite like Dr. M. He was put on this Earth for a specific reason, and that is to help people like me achieve a life of quality. He is truly gifted. He took on my case when other doctors were too intimidated by the challenge, and turned me away. I am forever grateful to this man, and today, I am living a life of absolutely NO PAIN.
Collin L.
Dr. Melamed and his staff have been professional and courteous each time I've been in his office. I had seen several back doctors prior to Dr. Melamed without any solution to my back issues. I have improved dramatically under Dr. Melamed's care.
John C.
I had severe back problems and pain for many years and one failed back surgery. I heard about Dr. Melamed while trying to find a new surgeon to perform a second surgery. I was impressed with his caring manner and the outcome of the surgeries he had performed. Living far from California, I was concerned about flying a considerable distance and recuperating so far from home. Dr. Melamed made sure that I was able to get all of the imaging needed near home. He spent a lot of time reviewing those images and making a plan for my surgery. When I finally met him, Holly, and Julie in person, I felt like I knew them. I knew I was in good hands. Dr. Melamed is a stickler for certain things one must do to prepare for the surgery and post-op to ensure a successful outcome for each patient. Every step is carefully planned. In working with the team at his office and in getting a glimpse at how the surgery team was put together, I was reassured that he and his team, who work extremely well together, both at the office and in the operating room, would do everything to make sure the surgery was successful. And it was. Better than I imagined. Post-surgery, Dr. Melamed and his team followed up with me frequently to make sure I was doing well. My family and I know that God is with him. He is truly a gifted surgeon. I am now almost two years post-op and couldn't be better. God gave me my life back and Dr. Melamed did everything possible to make sure my back works the way it should. Now I can do things I couldn't do for years. The pain is gone.
I B.
I feel compelled to write this review about Dr. Hooman Melamed, an amazing and caring surgeon, who performed one of his most complicated and risky surgeries on me. I was wounded in Viet Nam when a grenade exploded and thrust me backward to the ground on my upper back and neck. When I met Dr. Melamed I had been through several vertebral fusions in my neck to help relieve excruciating pain from ruptured discs. Unfortunately, the doctors prior to Dr. Melamed fused my neck in a bent position allowing me to only look down, which caused not only neck pain but pain in my shoulders as well. Dr. Melamed assessed the situation with x-rays and scans and told me that he thought he could help me by breaking the previous fusions and stabilizing my neck in the correct positions. This was a risky surgery, but I trusted Dr. Melamed literally with my life! The surgery took 13 ½ hours! When Dr. Melamed went to the waiting room to share what he felt was a successful surgery, he let my family know that even though he felt that it was a success, the reality was that there would likely be paralysis somewhere. His caring was evident when he hung around the hospital for quite some time to assess me for any paralysis after the surgery. He couldn’t believe that I came through such a risky surgery with no paralysis! I am lucky I found Dr. Melamed! His skill and attention to detail have allowed me to stand up straight ever since. I would highly recommend Dr. Melamed to anyone requiring neck surgery. You will find, as I did, he is the BEST! Marty Gushwa
Marty G.
Dr. Melamed is blessed to be a fantastic surgeon with great surgical and people skills. I had Dr. Melamed treat me twice for my degenerative disc disease and stenosis - 1st time was a gradual onset of pain & symptoms and planned surgery, 2nd time was an Emergency Room admission with sudden onset of a herniated disc and subsequent emergency surgery. For both experiences, Dr. Melamed explained all options prior to surgery, conducted a very successful surgery and was highly responsive and caring every step of the way post surgery. Prior to first surgery, I had excruciating neck pain C5-C7, and left arm atrophy. Dr. Melamed conducted non-fusion, minimally invasive surgery - minimal pain after surgery (some 1-2 days after, then none), more importantly, recovered fully and recovered from atrophy completely - now frequent gym goer - stronger than pre surgery. Dr. Melamed is great surgeon and sincerely cares about his patients. He only does surgery as last resort and his staff is incredible. Appointments run on time and DISC surgery center is fantastic outpatient center with treatment done in sterile infection free facility. Anyone that wishes to ask me questions [email protected]
Jim S.
I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Melamed through my job as I rep for a communication software for doctors. I see doctors on a daily basis and Dr Melamed is by far The most gracious doctor I have so far met …… a class act! My husband is a dentist, and dentists tend to experience back, neck and shoulder issues due to the nature of their jobs. So I brought up my husband’s back issues to Dr. Melamed’s attention and asked him if there would be a possibility for him to review my husband’s MRI for a second opinion and without any hesitation he agreed. As the matter of fact his schedule was super busy two weeks out but he was kind enough to meet with me during his lunch hour to review the MRI. NOT many doctors will do this for you ….which made me realize that he is absolutely passionate about his job and genuinely cares for his patients. He reviewed the MRI with me and explained in detail my husband’s issues and the reason for his symptoms. He also mentioned that my husband’s back issues could be resolved if proper care was implemented in his current lifestyle and that surgery would not be an option at this time. Clearly Dr. Melamed is conservative in diagnosing and not about the money …. Which is extremely heartwarming as many providers don’t share the same philosophy. Now I know why he is called The “Spinepro” … and been on tv and different publications. As the matter of fact I learned that he has done over 4500 surgeries. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Melamed to anyone with back/spine issues as I believe they would be in competent but yet humble hands. He is THE Spinepro!!!!
Parisa R.
Being a registered nurse I made sure to find the best surgeon to perform my emergent cervical spinal posterior discectomy and foraminotomy. I was injured September 8, 2007 lifting a patient and herniated discs C4-C7. I kept away from surgery because I was afraid. I made it exactly 9 ½ years and 2 days without surgery. My C7 disc ruptured from overuse (lifting and turning patients). I woke up on a Saturday to left trapezius and shoulder pain that progressed to numbness and tingling down my left arm to fingers and weakness by the following Thursday. I went to my primary doctor Monday 2 days after symptoms and he ordered a MRI. I had the MRI the following Tuesday and contacted Dr. Melamed. I saw him that afternoon with a CD of my MRI results. My first consult was with Dr. Melamed; he explained the procedure in detail along with expected recovery time. I appreciated his kind approach, and he treated me with the utmost respect. Dr. Melamed explained both the anterior and posterior approaches. From my MRI results Dr. Melamed explained that I was a candidate for the posterior approach, which fit my expectations of quicker recovery, and no range of motion loss. Being young, active, and a registered nurse this was a major factor in my decision to choose the posterior approach. My second opinion was with a neurosurgeon at UCLA who stated I needed to have the ACDF (anterior cervical discectomy and fusion). I inquired on the posterior approach and was told that this is a newer procedure without enough evidence to prove it works. I kept pushing the posterior approach and was told it was not an option. I then stated that I had already had an opinion and the surgeon in fact said I qualified for the posterior approach. This surgeon was at a loss for words. My third opinion was via email with my husband’s colleague from medical school who is out of state. I sent photos from my MRI and inquired on what procedure I would need. His response was that I did in fact qualify for the posterior approach and both surgeries have good outcomes. It all depended on what results I was looking for as the range of motion could be lessened with the ACDF approach. He stated the posterior was an excellent option. I went back to Dr. Melamed to discuss the surgery in detail with my husband who is a physician. We all agreed the posterior approach was the best for me. I cannot explain to you how patient and detailed Dr. Melamed is. To make time to discuss the surgery with my husband meant the world to me. I scheduled surgery for that Friday. My surgery was performed at DISC in Marina Del Rey. The surgery went perfectly and the staff was amazing. My 1-week follow-up visit with Dr. Melamed’s physician assistant Holley was great. My wound was healing without any issues. It was a rough recovery. By week 5 I felt amazingly better and could lift up to 10#. The pain was completely gone by week 6 when I saw Dr. Melamed for follow-up. I had regained 90% of my strength and was cleared to start physical therapy (PT) and lift up to 15#. I started PT and was cleared to start lifting 25#. To sum up my review don’t trust your spine to anyone. Trust Dr. Hooman Melamed with your spine. If you can trust anyone’s review it should be mine. I am a seasoned registered nurse that has worked with many, many physicians and I know an amazing physician when I meet them. You will get the best care from Dr. Melamed and his PA Holley. They answer voicemails, text messages and emails promptly. I never had to sit and wait for a response. If you want to have this surgery by Dr. Melamed and would like to speak with me please let him know and he will set us up to speak. I want everyone to have all of the information they need and I believe that having a patient’s perspective that went through the procedure is important in knowing what to expect and answering any questions from a patient standpoint. Thank you Dr. Melamed for everything.
Julia V.
Amazing!!! Dr. Melamed is truly an outstanding Doctor. From the first minute in his office he made me feel at ease and excited about the possibility of finally being pain free. He diagnosed me with spondylolisthesis and I had an Ant/Post Fusion with Micro Decompression. Just 5 months post op I was cleared for all activity and haven't had pain since week 3. The surgery recovery (about 3 weeks) was not easy, but well worth it!!! Thanks Dr. Melamed!!! I am one year post surgery and feeling fantastic! No pain and I'm back to doing all the things I couldn't do before, working out, working on car and doing yard work. So thankful to have come to see Dr. Melamed. Also: Six weeks ago My 75 year old mother had the exact same surgery I had. Prior to surgery she was in constant pain and her right leg was so weak she needed a walker to get around. Six weeks post surgery she feels great, is pain free and hasn't needed pain meds since week two. She's walking on her own and her leg strength is almost back to normal. Dr. Melamed is a true miracle worker, we're forever grateful to him and his fabulous staff. Everyone is so friendly and eager to help. Thanks so much Dr. Melamed!
Rafael M.
Everyone in Dr. Melamed's office, from the first consult to the last post-surgery follow up, has been wonderful. The first time I called for a consult, I got an appointment for the next day. MRI and x-rays are done in the office as an added convenience. My surgery was scheduled at my convenience and was performed in the DISC surgery center. Everything was so clean and everyone was so caring. I was walking the same day, home in 2 days, and am now pain free. I was very careful about getting my surgery; I wanted only the best because there are no do-overs with spinal surgery and Dr. Melamed and his entire staff are the best.
Suzy G.
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