• A Positive Attitude Can Lower Heart Disease Risk

    by Dr. Hooman M. Melamed
    on Jul 13th, 2016

The Spine Pro is here to share with you how you can lower your risk of heart disease by simply improving your attitude to live a goal directed life. 

Recent research has proven that those people who have a greater sense of optimism and have a life’s purpose can benefit their health and eventually help you live a longer life. Those people linked to having a greater sense of their life’s purpose have been proven to reduce the chance of suffering a stroke, obesity, chronic diseases, stress related injuries and age related dementia and disability. Having a sense of purpose in life or the need to fulfill a greater goal or ambition for others or our selves, is a key component of your psychological health. People who find meaning in what they do and who they are and lead a goal-directed life; have improved health and mental satisfaction, as they get older.

Positive thoughts and attitudes have also been linked to strengthening the immune system and decrease stress. Studies have shown that optimism and life satisfaction are associated with lower rick of heart disease. One of the greatest discoveries that scientists have taught is that happiness can alter your genes. People with a deep sense of happiness and well-being have lower levels of an inflammatory gene expression, which creates stronger antiviral and antibody responses throughout the body. This means we can change our attitudes neurologically to better enhance our quality of health and support a longer more satisfying life. Our thoughts and emotions have the power to change the way your genes function by altering environmental factors around us including the way we think about happiness.

Some easy ways to boost your optimism and self-awareness are:

Author Dr. Hooman M. Melamed

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