• The Vampire Facial – A Trend Dracula Would Definitely Approve

    by Dr. Hooman M. Melamed
    on Jul 12th, 2016

It seems to be working when it comes to regaining the youthful skin you once had!

Ever since Kim Kardashian had one done on her show for everyone watching to see, the treatment has been gaining more curiosity along with more fans.

The procedure includes using your own blood to prepare a product enabling your platelets and tissue building elements. This can then be injected under the eyes, forehead, and even smile lines. Skin rejuvenation with the platelets can be done on the neck and back of hands as well. For those who fear pain, fear no more! Your skin can be numbed before injection, so that you feel minimal pain.

They have also reported on no serious side effects and users have virtually no risk of an allergic reaction. This is because the facial uses your own blood and does not contain any synthetic components.

The procedure has been used on thousands of patients around the world, so when it comes to being safe, professionals have shown it to be just that.

So what results can you expect? Well, following your treatment, you will see results instantly. However, it may take up to 3 weeks for the initial swelling to go down to see the true results you’ve been waiting for. Patience is truly a virtue in this case.

Ready to know if the Vampire Facial is right for you? Talk to your Dermatologist and schedule an appointment today!  Do you want to know what does a Vampire Facial cost for you in LA?

Author Dr. Hooman M. Melamed

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