• The Venice Art Crawl Set to Take Place September 19th

    by Dr. Hooman M. Melamed
    on Jul 13th, 2016

This event will take place again on September 19th and is scheduled to happen four times this year with one date remaining after September (December 19th). The Venice Art Crawl is an organization that is by and for the people. The event is hosted by the Venice Chamber of Commerce and is meant to share, inspire and promote collaboration through mixers and art events. The event on September 19th will include the Venice Art Show from 5-10 p.m. It will feature the art of Lesa Noelle, Jhoseph King, Sande Sisneros, Sandra Zebi, DCASTROARTS, photography Vladi Sytnik and more. You can learn more about the events that are included in the Venice Art Crawl and submit your own event to be added to the itinerary by contacting the organization online.
The Value in Community Events

By attending different cultural events in your area you will be able to experience all of the diversity that our community has to offer. It is also a way for you to showcase your talents by putting your artwork on display and getting seen. In addition to the Venice Art Crawl, Venice Beach has a number of community events for the entire family. Getting out with your family and friends and enjoying time together will help you relieve stress that can take a toll on your everyday life. By reducing stress and strain you will find that your quality of life is improving and you are less exhausted and frustrated each day. Learn more about events in your area from your local Chamber of Commerce, City Hall or pamphlets being distributed. There is no shortage of opportunities to have a once-in-a-lifetime evening.

Author Dr. Hooman M. Melamed

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