Double Scoliosis Corrective Surgery



“The Doctors” on CBS recently featured Dr. Hooman Melamed correcting a double scoliosis with the help of a previous patient’s story.

Gabby, 16, knew something was wrong when she felt a bulge in her lower left back. When she went to check in with her doctor about it, he confirmed she just over worked a muscle while playing soccer. When she got a second opinion, Gabby found out she had scoliosis for 6 years without knowing it. The neglect had her spine reach 80 degrees top and bottom. Her family tried alternative methods to fix her spine without surgery.

Gabby’s grandmother watched The Doctors Show and on a boy named Kyle who had a similar story and condition of scoliosis. His surgery was a success and inspired Gabby to take a chance on Dr. Melamed.

When they met with Dr. Melamed they saw he had the most progressive and advanced technology they have ever came across. Dr. Melamed told them if this condition had gone unchecked her spine could have collapsed on her heart and lungs.

Dr. Melamed then proceeds to take Gabby into surgery to correct her double scoliosis. After putting in 22 screws in surgery they then aligned her spine by twisting it correct her scoliosis.

Find out the results of Gabby’s double scoliosis corrective surgery here. (Warning: Graphic Content)


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