Patient Feedback

" I had been dealing with my neck pain and radiating arm pain on and off for about 20 years, but in the last 3 it had gotten really bad. I was having a lot of pain down both of my arms, and it limited my entire life.   I couldn’t sit, workout, or sleep; the pain was extremely debilitating and it made me so tired and depressed. Before seeing Dr. Melamed I had tried acupuncture, massage, and chiropractors. I did my research before looking for a doctor and that’s how I found DISC and Dr. Melamed. When I saw Dr. Melamed for a surgical consultation, he was extremely confident in the outcome because he does surgeries like the one I needed all the time. For me, I was a bit scared and skeptical that the surgery would work because I had been in so much pain for so long, but I was willing to anything to feel better at that point. I had multiple level cervical microforaminotomies and decompressions. The first two weeks of recovery were a little rough, but right out of surgery my arm and nerve pain had decreased by at least 50%. Now I’m three months out from surgery and I’m just getting better all the time. I know that my nerve recovery will take some more time after being so bad for so long, but I already have days where I’mpain free. Even when I do have minimal recovery pain its nothing compared to what it was before the surgery. I have been able to workouts that I haven’t done in years! Before the surgery, I almost walked out because I was so skeptical. Now, I am so happy I had the surgery done, and so happy it was with Dr. Melamed. Dr. Melamed did a great job. - Neil H.  

 I am so happy I had the surgery done, and so happy it was with Dr. Melamed. 


" My dad was seeing a pain specialist up by where we live in Bakersfield and he was on so much pain medication.  I honestly never thought I would see him walk again without the assistance of a walker.  Other doctors we saw only wanted to give my dad more and more pain medication.  They said he was too old to operate on and expected him to just continue to live life in pain.  Then we got a referral to go see Dr. Melamed.  Dr. Melamed took all the necessary steps to get my dad healthy and prepared him for surgery.  Through my dad’s medical clearance for his spine surgery, we found that he had a heart condition that needed to be fixed.  Dr. Melamed helped us find a doctor and checked in on my dad as he got healthy enough for his back surgery.  Dr. Melamed really gave us hope and helped us through the whole process. Before the surgery my dad had NO mobility. He couldn’t walk, he couldn’t stand, nothing.  Now he can walk around and drive and be more independent.  My dad is literally a walking testament to Dr. Melamed’s ability! Dr. Melamed not only changed my dad’s life, but also my entire family’s life has changed for the better since my dad’s operation.  With my dad in so much less pain even the little things like sitting down for a birthday dinner at a restaurant have become so much more enjoyable for the entire family. Thank you Dr. Melamed!! - Guerrero Family 
Why would I recommend Dr. Melamed to others? Because my dad is walking now!


" Before seeing him, I saw two other doctors who scared me to death proposing!  They were proposing huge operations that would keep me in the hospital for weeks. Dr. Melamed was very intent on not over-operating on me, especially at my age, and I really appreciated that.  He was very calm and had great bedside manner.  While scheduling the procedure I spoke with Dr. Melamed’s staff, Joanne and Emma, and they were so very helpful and also helped to calm my nerves. The nursing staff he works with at the hospital is phenomenal too.  I’m moving along on my road of recovery and the pain has improved dramatically.  What really sets Dr. Melamed apart is how much you can tell he cares about his patients. He really cares! - Joyce S.
What I liked about Dr. Melamed is that he really seemed to take the time to find out what was wrong with me


"I was suffering from sciatica with pain traveling down my leg and settling in my foot. The pain was persistent for over two years and was not getting any better. I travel a lot, so about six months ago I went to consult a specialist who recommended  an epidural to me. I did the epidural and the pain came back and then I did another epidural and the pain came back again. I found Dr. Melamed through his positive reviews online. When I went to see Dr. Melamed the first time, he spoke in a very precise manner and knew exactly the type of operation I needed to relieve my pain. I had my operation at Marina Del Rey Hospital and everybody I worked with there was just as professional and caring as Dr. Melamed. After the surgery, my problem was taken care of! And the post op recovery was not as painful as I thought it would be. I only took pain killers for a couple of days after the surgery and within the next few days after my surgery I was up and walking with no pain. - Robert C. 
In simple words, I would be very happy to recommend Dr. Melamed to friends and family based on my experience with him!
"Before my surgery I had numbness and pain down my leg and was unable to simple things like stand on my toes. I was up walking about 5 hours after the surgery. Just days after the surgery my numbness and pain was almost completely gone, and just a couple months later I regained the strength and muscle tone I had lost in my calf due to the herniation. Beyond the proof, Dr. Melamed explained to me everything that was going on in detail before the surgery. He showed me my MRI and contrasted it with what a normal MRI would look like. Then he explained exactly what he would do in the surgery, and what my other options would be if I chose not to do surgery. I felt very prepared to make the decision, and all of the explanations he gave helped to calm my fears about the surgery. - Biniam B.
What would make me recommend Dr. Melamed to others is simple: Proof!


"I am up on my feet for about 10 hours a day, and so when I first started feeling leg pain and weakness I thought I was just tired. Then I went to see my chiropractor, who sent me to get an MRI, and I found out that the problem was actually in my back. My chiropractor recommended Dr. Melamed to me. When I saw Dr. Melamed, he was very honest. He told me that if I did not have the surgery soon I would not be able to walk. He told me that the surgery would not be a quick fix, and that I would have to do physical therapy after to get fully better. Immediately after the surgery I felt better and had much less pain. I did have to work at physical therapy to get my strength back after the surgery, and I am very happy with the results of my surgery with Dr. Melamed. - Pam S. 
I am very happy with the results of my surgery with Dr. Melamed


"I’m currently in the 8th month of recovery following a major back surgery performed by Dr. Melamed and his supporting surgeons. Over a period of years, I gradually began experiencing increased numbness and pain in my lower back, right leg and foot and, as I discovered, these were symptoms and disabilities from a spinal fracture from an unknown cause that had occurred many years previous. My symptoms progressed to burning, pain and an inability to participate in everyday activities of normal life that required much walking or activeness. Dr. Melamed and his staff were totally thorough in examination, tests and x-rays, explaining to me exactly what my diagnosis was and my options for treatment. Dr. Melamed recommended treatment starting with physical therapy along with other less invasive options. My wife and I were initially very nervous about the possibility of having back surgery and we never felt pressured into having it. But as we met with Dr. Melamed over several visits, we were convinced that if/when the time would come that I needed to consider corrective surgery, Dr. Melamed was one of the best surgeons and doctors we could have ever found. Since having surgery, we are more convinced of that than ever. Immediately after the surgery, before I was even out of the hospital, the major pain and burning in my feet and legs was gone. I am continuing to recover and improve each week. After my last visit to Dr. Melamed, he let me know that I have no restrictions. I can play sports, go on roller coasters or anything else I want to do. My wife and I are thrilled with the treatment, care and results we have received. In fact, I recently recommended Dr. Melamed to a co-worker who subsequently experienced a successful surgery under his care. - Dave H.
I would highly recommend Dr. Hooman Melamed to anyone seeking help for a spinal problem


"He was very meticulous, took his time, explained my condition and the procedure in details and did a fabulous job. He listened a lot and answered every questions I had; not many doctors do this. I’ve had problems with my back for 30 years, seen a lot of different doctors. Prior to the surgery, I could not walk more than 100 feet without pain. After the surgery, I have a really low pain level, can go on hikes and do regular activities. It is like I am living with a younger self again! - Mr. Douglas
I had complete trust in Dr. Melamed’s abilities to perform my surgery


" The office and hospital conditions were really good, and I was up and walking the day after surgery. His advices on my recovery were really good and I have recommended Dr Melamed to friends and family or to anyone who has back problems. - Richard Voake
My experience with Dr Melamed was excellent!


"Actually, I’ve already recommended him to a friend of mine! Before the surgery, I felt like giving up. I was in so much pain I couldn’t move, I couldn’t go outside, I couldn’t walk, and I couldn’t drive. I was completely miserable staying at home all the time. Two hours after the surgery, I already felt relief. Now, about six months after the surgery I am still completely pain free and able to do anything I want. Dr. Melamed helped me so much, I really can never thank him enough. - Vahe K.
Dr. Melamed is a great doctor, he really gave me a new life.


"I would recommend Dr. Melamed to other patients because after 15 years of being in pain, Dr. Melamed was able to relieve that pain.  I was probably 80% bed ridden before the surgery and now its nothing compared to before.  Before the surgery I was in so much pain, taking handfuls of pain meds and now I don’t take anything more than advil for a flare up. Everywhere I go when people start talking about back pain or back surgery, Dr. Melamed’s name is the first out of my mouth. - Adrian C.
Dr. Melamed was able to relieve 15 years of pain


"After years of back pain and leg pain I got started looking for some solutions, months of PT to strength my core, injections, and a recommendation for surgery. I went for a second opinion with Dr. Melamed. He recommended an injection in a different place where he though the problem was, I had the injection and was pain free for 4 months. Went back and said whats next. He did released a nerve in my lower spine with a one hour surgery. I was home the next day and had some pain but that was expected, after one week, I am pain free for the first time in 13 years. He knew exactly what to do, did it quickly, and with confidence. Highly recommend you get an opinion from him, you will like his confident, direct, manner. Thank you for giving me my life back. - Donna P.
Thank you for giving me my life back!


"Dr. Melamed is a great doctor, he really gave me a new life.   Actually, I’ve already recommended him to a friend of mine! Before the surgery, I felt like giving up. I was in so much pain I couldn’t move, I couldn’t go outside, I couldn’t walk, and I couldn’t drive. I was completely miserable staying at home all the time.   Two hours after the surgery, I already felt relief.  Now, about six months after the surgery I am still completely pain free and able to do anything I want.  Dr. Melamed helped me so much, I really can never thank him enough.
Dr. Melamed helped me so much, I really can never thank him enough


"Coming from out of state, I was a little concerned about the scheduling process of surgery and post surgical appointments. The staff and Dr. Melamed exceeded my expectations and were always very quick to figure out what time would work for Dr. Melamed and myself. When I came in for my pre-op consultation Dr. Melamed sat down with me and explained the test results and what type of surgery I would need. He explained all expectations for after surgery and was realistic about the outcomes. I really appreciate that he took the time to listen to my concerns and explain everything on my level of understanding instead of in super technical terms. Michael, Dr. Melamed’s PA was always very prompt and on top things. When I had a question regarding my medications he got back to me right away even though he was not in the office. Both Michael and Dr. Melamed had very good bedside manner, and I would recommend people to Dr. Melamed for any type of back surgery. - Gary D.
I would recommend people to Dr. Melamed for any type of back surgery


"My surgery was so smooth, I literally took no pain medications after leaving the hospital, not even Tylenol! I pushed the option of surgery to the side for quite a long time, but when I got the recommendation to see Dr. Melamed I decided to go in and see what he had to say. He was very calm and told me that the type of procedure I needed was actually fairly simple. He explained the surgery to me and my husband, and everything he said made a lot of sense to me. Because he was so thorough, there were no surprises with the surgical process. I had so much pain all over before the surgery and this horrible, constant buzzing feeling in my fingers. Now, the buzzing is almost completely gone. Before there was nothing I could do without having horrible pain. I could not ride in the car for more than 10 minutes and I could not play the piano. I am so happy I can now play the piano again; my life is back to normal!! - Akiko O.
My life is back to normal!!


"I feel like I can do so much more than ever before. Back before I had the surgery, I remember that when my husband and I went shopping, just taking a normal step off the curb sent pain down my legs and back. Dr. Melamed probably has a pair of wings hidden under his shirt, he’s terrific all around. I was scared about surgery, but when he explained my MRI to me, he was very comforting and made it easy for me to talk to him about my fears. He was so heartfelt, and I had such a feeling of trust in him that I couldn’t say no. Not every doctor goes that extra mile. After my surgery with Dr. Melamed last June, I just feel better overall, like I'm getting back to the feeling I had when I was 20. I’m still healing, and I have to be careful not to overdo it, but the surgery hasn’t restricted me from work, exercise, or anything else I do. I have the thrill of feeling better overall. - Linda U.
I feel like I can do so much more than ever before!


"I think he's a fantastic doctor, he's a very nice, personable man. He did a great job on my lower back two years ago. He's one of the best doctors I've ever been to in my life. Right now I’m having a little bit of pain in my neck, maybe from arthritis. I’m going back to see him because everything he worked on in my lower back feels great, and I know I can trust him to do a great job on my neck too. - Al M.
He's one of the best doctors I've ever been to in my life.


"When I came, I came for surgery, and he was miraculous in being able to guide me with therapy and medication. I ended up not needing surgery and I just feel so grateful for him, that I have such a fantastic, capable doctor that is always there for me. I would recommend him so highly because I think he's the best doctor I've ever been to. - Nancy B


"My lower-back problems required surgery, and Dr. Melamed was a fantastic care-giver in every way: he accurately diagnosed multiple problems (some of which were hidden), demonstrated superb bedside manner, excellent follow-up - but most importantly, his surgery was 100% effective! I was in the OR in late August, barely able to walk - by mid-January, I was kayaking in the Pacific and playing tennis ... Dr. Melamed is my "go to" for several people I've known who need a superb referral." - Rabbi Stephen Julius Sq
Dr. Melamed was a fantastic care-giver in every way


"Last February I was in the hospital, unable to walk after my back gave out. I'd been dealing with severe back problems for 20 years. Dr. Melamed came to my hospital room and told me that five years ago he may not have been able to help me, but that now, technological advances were such that he could safely fix my problem (spondylolisthesis with pars defect and degenerative disc disease). Although I'd never met the man before, I immediately had the impression that he was trustworthy, intelligent and kind. Nevertheless, I had my father (a Radiologist) consult with Dr. Melamed, and he gave me a positive second opinion. I agreed to have the surgery as these episodes were getting worse, and were having a huge negative impact on my life and limiting my ability to do the things I love. After I was released from the hospital I had a few more consultations with Dr. Melamed and his staff. They were awesome--extremely knowledgable and professional. My surgery date was set. On March 15, 2013 I had a 3-level fusion (L4-L5-S1) & double disc replacement. I remember coming out of surgery and Dr. Melamed telling me everything went perfectly. Now I won't lie--recovery from a surgery like that was no walk in the park, but I was surprised at how quickly I progressed. I also had excellent post-operative care, including home nursing and frequent follow-ups with Dr. Melamed and his Physician's Assistant, Michael. The day after the surgery I walked. A week later I drove. Two weeks later I was back at work. A month later I moved to Colorado, and Dr. Melamed and I would have phone consultations and he'd read my x-rays remotely. I received excellent care from 1,000 miles away. After a couple months in a walking brace, and a few months of physical therapy and taking it easy I was back to normal activity. It's now been a year, and for the past several months I've been on unrestricted activity. I now ski, run, lift weights, swim, and do all the things I love. The best part is, the pain is gone, as are the episodes of my back going out. I am so thankful that Dr. Melamed found me and was able to fix my back problems. He has changed my life. He is an amazing and talented doctor, who I would recommend to anyone suffering from spinal problems. I cannot speak highly enough of this brilliant surgeon and caring man, who has given me back so much. Thank you, Dr. Melamed! You are the best! - Jeremy
Thank you, Dr. Melamed! You are the best!


"The whole experience of surgery with Dr. Melamed was very easy for me and comfortable. I first met his Physician’s Assistant at the Marina Hospital Emergency Department. From there, I got an appointment to see Dr. Melamed in his office the very next day. I was in very, very bad pain, and Dr. Melamed knew exactly what was wrong and explained the surgery that I would need. I was so surprised and pleased with the speed that all the events transpired. Within a week of first seeing Dr. Melamed I was already scheduled for surgery and then had my surgery the very next week! Now, about 2 months after my surgery, my pain is almost completely eliminated and I am slowly gaining strength back in my leg. There are so many reasons I would recommend Dr. Melamed to people, I really don’t even know where to begin. Everything about Dr. Melamed and my surgery was pleasant and very comforting, and of course the magnitude of the reduction of my pain is a reason for recommendation. Dr. Melamed was so knowledgeable and I honestly had no reservations about going into surgery with him. I am just so glad to be where I am now with the recovery process and so glad that I found Dr. Melamed - Judy B
I am so glad that I found Dr. Melamed!


"I was referred to Dr. Melamed by my pain institute after the shots I had received failed to relieve any of my discomfort. Dr Melamed was vigilant in his care for me. X-Rays and an MRI were performed to determine the level of damage to my spine. He could tell that the pain I was experiencing had become life altering. Dr. Melamed recommended surgery in order to relieve the nerve pain I was experiencing. Surgery was performed and my life without pain was restored. Dr. Melamed is a truly remarkable doctor and I highly recommend him. He is caring, patient and understanding. - Rebecca
Dr. Melamed is caring, patient and understanding


"Dr. Melamed has been a fantastic surgeon, already recommended other friends and family to his office; I would not recommend anybody else than Dr. Melamed! Great staff, easy scheduling and less than 15 minutes waiting time! Dr. Melamed always answered any questions I had on my condition and was a truly caring doctor! - Joe P
A truly caring doctor!


"Dear Dr. Melamed, There are no words to truly describe our gratitude for all you and your team have done for Kyle and our family. Catching Kyle's tethered cord when none of his other doctors and specialists did literally changed the direction Kyle's life could have taken. If the surgery that Kyle's previous doctor urged us to do would have been done, we shudder to think Kyle could have been crippled today. The monumental success of the spinal fusion you and your team performed on Kyle in December was nothing short of a miracle to us. None of us ever expected an eight-percent correction to Kyle's spine. You have given Kyle the opportunity to live as normal of a life as possible considering the hardware in his body, with a higher quality of life than we imagined, and pain free once Kyle is completely recovered. The words "thank you" seem very small for all you've given Kyle. You've impressed us with your diligence and professionalism from the very beginning. The morning of Kyle's surgery you gave us great comfort and confidence when you told us that you had been studying Kyle's scans all weekend in preparation. We were amazed. We didn't think it was possible to respect you more than we already did at that time. Not one of Kyle's previous surgeons, for any of his past surgeries, ever gave us the impression they put as much as you have into Kyle's case, or sincerely cared about the outcome as much as you do. You have always given us 100%. You've answered every question, and with patience. You've called us back no matter what the time of day or night, and never left us feeling that your time was an issue for which we are sincerely grateful. Our family has been blessed with your knowledge, your impeccable skill, your amazing generosity, your caring, and your honesty. Dr. Melamed, the world is a better place for having you in it. - Andre & Tammy D
Our family has been blessed


"In 2008 I had a serious back injury that threatened my career in law enforcement and my lifestyle. I had been fortunate enough to maintain an active lifestyle up until my injury. After receiving opinions from two physicians that were very sterile and unapproachable, I met Dr. Melamed. His warm demeanor coupled with his extensive knowledge was very comforting. His honesty regarding my injury and the probable results of treatment was refreshing. He gave me the tools I needed to make an informed decision regarding my treatment. After being treated by Dr. Melamed, which included surgery, I'm happy to say that I was back to my active lifestyle within a few short months. Additionally, Dr. Melamed was able to give me advice on how I could adjust my future training sessions to increase the effectiveness and longevity of my treatment. I have and will recommend Dr. Melamed to my friends, family and co-workers in need of a physician who is knowledgable, approachable and accessible. - Howard L
I have and will recommend Dr. Melamed to my friends, family and co-workers


"Dr. Melamed got me out of pain where other doctors failed. I had 3 surgeries with him a few years ago and all of them were successful. If I ever needed surgery again in the future I would go straight back to him even though I live all the way in Bakersfield. He’s definitely the doctor I would go to. - Veleta N
Dr. Melamed got me out of pain where other doctors failed


"I think he’s a fantastic doctor, exceedingly knowledgeable about spinal problems, and just as a person he’s delightful, charming, and smart. I originally had a back surgery with another doctor way back in 1992, when it was still pretty archaic, and suffered from back pain for more than 15 years. I tried different things like physical therapy, etc, and it wasn’t helping. But Dr. Melamed took one look at my x-ray and he immediately knew what to do. I ended up having two surgeries with him, about 18 months apart. Those were a couple of years ago, and now I’m doing pretty well, trying to keep my weight down and doing core exercises to stay in good health. I never had a long wait at his office, and there was no guess-work about my options, Dr. Melamed was very straightforward and clear with me. I’ve already recommended him to several other people.Chris J
Dr. Melamed took one look at my x-ray and immediately knew what to do


"Dr. Hooman Melamed changed my world. I was in severe pain and for the first time, I had to cancel an entire tour, which is something I would never choose to do. At the time, I was also recording my latest album and was in such pain that it was difficult to work. I had tried all sorts of treatments and nothing was helping. A doctor friend of mine recommended a meeting with Dr. Melamed. He had recently had a surgery done himself and looked great. Meeting and talking with Dr. Melamed, I felt confident. I am not the kind of person who easily agrees to going under the knife and I admit that I was skeptical that it would help. That was the last day I was in pain and I've been back on the road pretty much ever since. Several months later, I released the album, 'Til Your River Runs Dry, and embarked on a very successful worldwide tour. At the age of 73, I'm still on the road performing. Thank you, Dr. Melamed, for giving me back my career, and more importantly, my life. - Eric Burdon
Dr. Hooman Melamed changed my world


"I started seeing Dr. Melamed for my back problems about 3 years ago; he was really knowledgeable about my condition and was able to explain the procedure in details with lots of confidence. He was really pleasant, calm and really comforting before the procedure. I already recommended a co-worker to see him and evaluate his condition as well! Great Doctor! - Anonymous
Great Doctor!


"After experiencing cervical pain, tricep pain, and numbness and tingling in my hand for over 2 years, I went to see Dr Melamed. The idea of having surgery was terrifying, but after reviewing my tests, Dr. Melamed said he could help me and that the procedure was actually simple. After answering my many questions and reassurance from him and PA Michael, I had the surgery in May. The difference in the way I feel is amazing and I only wish I wouldn't have waited so long. Dr. Melamed is the most honest and straightforward physician I have ever known and I would never hesitate referring him to my family and friends. Thank you again Dr. Melamed, you are the best! - Christie H
Thank you again Dr. Melamed, you are the best!


"I was introduced to Dr. Melamed through the pain institute in Bakersfield a couple months ago. Since the moment I met him, he has been nothing but kind, considerate and wonderful to me through this whole process. My situation is a bit strange as one of my arteries was too small and I had to wait until I would be able to be considered for a surgical candidate; he did not force me into the surgery and waited the perfect time to have my surgery done. My husband had surgery a couple days before me with a different doctor and we came home at the same time! I would recommend him to everybody!! - Leanne W
He has been nothing but kind, considerate and wonderful to me through this whole process


"I want to personally acknowledge the help and excellent service I received from Dr. Melamed and his staff when undergoing spinal surgery at the end of December. I have confronted what the rest of my life would be like-living in pain, disable without this surgery. Dr. Melamed has shown excellent diligence and competence with my surgery as I am recovery well. Although I am not “in the public eye” like the athletes he also works on, i teach and give public lectures and the public have seen my fast recovery. His products are in the public’s eye and “under a microscope”. I am sure he obviously can be relied on when the stakes are high. Recently a friend asked me for help. He was in great pain and told me it came after a surgery he had a few years ago. That surgeon escaped being tried for malpractice and has since “retired.” When I thanked Dr. Melamed, he replied that I would have “just gotten the surgery somewhere else.” This is true. I cold have gotten it done where my friend got his! Thanks you and your staff for your care and competency. - Alan
Thank You For Your Care and Competency


"On behalf of myself and my family, I’d like to thank Dr. Melamed so much for helping Tina and taking such good care of her. We have been worried about her for a very long time. Your patience, kindness and compassion has made all the difference and is truly appreciated. Dr. Melamed’s knowledge and expertise speaks for itself. With much gratitude, - Roya
Dr. Melamed's Expertise Speaks for Itself


"Since Dr. Melamed performed surgery, I have a reason to live. He performed a miracle. The pain I suffered for nine months is completely gone. A “permanently damaged nerve” that is the result of a “mistake” which occurred during a 1998 surgery is showing signs of improvement. It feels like it could actually be healing. For two months after surgery, I had nightmares fearing I would wake up and the surgery had not actually been done and my pain was back. It took me some time before both my mind and body could accept the pain was truly gone. I thank God every day for this gift and pray Dr. Melamed continues to help others for years to come.” - Sally
He Performed a Miracle


"I have lived in constant pain as long as i can remember due to a bad disc. The pain down my legs made walking more than 30 paces impossible. The operation that you performed ninety days ago has truly been a life changing event. I am totally pain free! My wife says my face is no longer pinched in pain. My coworkers say that i seem to have more patience. Unbelievable. I can’t thank you enough for the positive impact that you have had on my life.” - Perry
I Can't Thank You Enough for the Positive Impact You Have Had on my Life


"Please accept my heartfelt thank you for everything you did for me. I came to you in severe pain, unable to walk and even sitting up was becoming a major problem. Thanks to your extensive knowledge in orthopedic surgery I now live my life completely pain free. In coming to know you, not only pre and post surgery but also during my routine office visits, it became quite clear that your main focus is about helping people. It’s very apparent in your humble and gracious way that you do truly derive satisfaction knowing you took someone from a living hell to a normal pain free life. I’ve been able to return to the gym and the garden and all the things I used to do. Keeping in mind the stress this type of thing put on my family, I’d like to thank your entire staff for the assistance they gave to my wife with appointments, insurance questions and the encouragement they offered. I have and will continue to recommend you services to anyone I know suffering with back pain.” - Brian
I've Been Able to Return to all the Things I Used to do


"The staff at DISC went above and beyond my expectations. From the moment I arrived, until I was discharged, I had every need addressed immediately. I felt like a VIP with private care! Thanks a million!” - Sara
I Felt Like a VIP With Private Care!


"After an unsuccessful surgery with a different spine surgeon, a friend recommended I consult with Dr. Melamed. In meeting with Dr. Melamed I found him to be a breath of fresh air. I had a very bad experience with my past surgeon and I felt I had finally found a doctor that not only understood what I had gone through, but also was very confident that he could help me. Dr. Melamed is very personable and answered and explained in detail every question and worry I had. I felt for the first time I had a doctor that would be able to help me and give me the hope I could eventually live a normal life without pain. Though my experiences with other surgeons, to find one with the knowledge of the most advanced technology, compassion, surgical abilities was a blessing to my life. My local primary care physician is so impressed with Dr. Melamed’s expertise in his field that he has referred several of his patients to him and they have had wonderful results. Dr. Melamed sincerely cares about his patients. He is deeply devoted to his profession, conveying this to his patient and family members. He has greatly improved my quality of life. I am happy to say I am pain free and feel Dr. Melamed has been a gift to my life and I will forever be grateful to him.” - Darlene
Dr. Melamed Has Been a Gift to my Life


"My story with Dr. Hooman Melamed begins after my having had cervical and lumbar surgeries in a major, respected hospital, by the leading neurosurgeon at that hospital. Neither surgery resulted in satisfactory results. After having been told there was nothing else they could do for me I found myself facing a life of pain and prescription pain meds – not a bright future. My pain management physician directed me to Dr.Melamed, and in him I discovered a warm, compassionate, capable, and competent surgeon. Three surgeries later, two to stabilize cervical vertebrae and another to repair disintegrated lumbar vertebrae, Dr. Hooman Melamed has given me back my life again. It is difficult to express how much I appreciate him and his abilities. I share these surgical experiences in order to offer hope to others who are dealing with vertebrae issues and facing a life of pain. There is hope with him. - Susan
Dr. Melamed is a Warm, Compassionate, Capable, Competent Surgeon


"At the age of 27 after one failed back surgery, I found myself living in chronic, debilitating pain, unable to work and on the verge of filing for long term disability. I thought this pain would be with me forever but Dr. Melamed changed everything. My experience with Dr. Melamed was incredible. During my pre-op consultations, he treated me with the utmost care. I never felt rushed and he conveyed a genuine level of concern for my well- being. Unlike the other surgeons I had consulted who were pushing me towards bigger, riskier surgeries, his approach was much more conservative and far less intensive. Prior to my surgery, we met for a consultation to go over the risks and adress all my questions beforehand — we literally sat in his office for over an hour pouring over every detail of the operation! I was blown away and after I left I felt at such ease knowing I was in such good hands. Two years later I am now entirely pain free. Prior to my surgery I was near bedridden, but now I am more active than ever. I hike, I play racquetball, I work out nearly every day. I can sit for hours on end without even the slightest pain. I feel as if I have been given a second shot at life and I have no one else to thank but Dr. Melamed.” - Travis
I Feel as if I Have Been Given a Second Shot at Life


"My life was good! I have been married 47 years and have two wonderful grown (twin) daughters. Over the past years, my health began changing. I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease and osteoporosis. I was beginning to lose my ability to stand up. I was bent over and went from my 5’8” to 5’4” and started needing a cane or wheel chair to get around. I had grown so tired of looking at the floor tiles instead of people’s faces. I began to always sit down so that it wasn’t as obvious to other people. I asked the neurologist if he knew of anyone who could “help me”. Referrals brought me to Dr. Hooman Melamed who was an answer to prayer! He was so positive and told my family that he could get my spine straight—–AND HE DID! We put our faith in Dr. Melamed and I am proud to say “I am 5’7” again. It has been a rough road over the past years but with the support of my family along with Dr. Melamed and his spine surgery my life is “looking up” now.” - Westa
Dr. Melamed Was an Answer to my Prayer


"Dr. Melamed has my admiration as a truly outstanding physician. I had a 65 degree curvature of the spine that was getting worse each year. A pinched nerve caused a debilitating pain down my leg. Dr. Melamed went in with a rod and pins and straightened my back. Dr. Melamed took excellent care of me in the hospital and continues to completely monitor my well being. I’m happy to report I’m completely pain free. I would recommend Dr. Melamed to any of my friends.” - Donna
I Would Recommend Dr. Melamed to Any of my Friends


"Our son, Austin, met Dr. Melamed at Shriners Children’s Hospital, Los Angeles in December 2009. Dr. Melamed looked over Austin’s medical records and x-rays and discussed what he felt were our son’s best options for his severe scoliosis. He took his time with us and explained everything clearly so we understood. Within a couple of weeks after our initial meeting, our son had major spine surgery. We were very pleased with the results and Dr. Melamed was a constant presence during Austin’s recovery and beyond. It has been 2 years since spine surgery and we are happy to report that our son is living, loving and enjoying life to the fullest! It was a true blessing that brought Dr. Melamed our way. He is the most caring, compassionate, reliable, knowledgable, dependable, competent, honest, ethical (we could go on and on)… Dr. we have ever had the chance to trust our child’s healthcare to. We think he is the best of the best! Whatever the time or day, there has never been a time that we have placed a call or an e-mail to Dr. Melamed or his staff (who are wonderful too!) that he himself or one his staff didn’t get back to us immediately. This has been one of the most appreciated qualities we love about everyone at D.I.S.C. We have never encountered this before and and it is comforting to know that when you really need medical attention or advice, you get it without delay. Dr. Melamed and staff have our utmost respect and appreciation. Our sincerest thanks and gratitude to all…” - Loretta, Robert & Austin
We Think He is the Best of the Best!


"Dr. Melamed’s and the staff of the DISC surgery center are first rate. I feel their exceptional performance has optimized the success and recovery time from my back surgery.” - Erich
Dr. Melamed and the Staff of the DISC Surgery Center are First Rate


"Dr. Melamed and the staff’s amazing care made returning for my 2nd surgery a lot more comforting.” - Marni
Dr. Melamed and the Staff Made Returning from Surgery a lot More Comforting


"DISC completely spoiled me! I have had over 20 surgeries in my life (unfortunately). The attention to my “problem” (neck) by my doctor, his amazing staff, and follow-up thoroughness have been exceptional. The care I got from the nurses in recovery went above and beyond anything anyone could ever hope to.” - Pamela
DISC Completely Spoiled Me!


"My experience with Dr. Melamed and his staff was beyond satisfactory. I would not hesitate a moment to send my friends and family to Dr. Melamed. I had never had surgery, and was very nervous about the procedure. Both Dr. Melamed and his PA Michael made me feel very comfortable with the surgery. They explained thoroughly my options, the procedure, and the outcomes and it really helped calm my nerves. Before my surgery my pain was a 20 out of 10! I had my surgery with Dr. Melamed 6 weeks ago and now I feel 99.5% better than I did before surgery!  - Madeline
I feel 99.5% better than I did before surgery!


"When I first met Dr. Melamed I could tell by his demeanor that he had a great deal of experience and professionalism. He was very well educated on my spine condition and gave me all the possible options and potential outcomes for my spine. It was my first surgery ever so I was definitly freaked out and didn't know quite what to expect. His office staff always called back quickly and gave me everything in a timely manner. My surgery was scheduled with ease and they worked around my schedule well. Dr. Melamed was great at calming my fears and explaining the specifics on this type of surgery. Now, a month after surgery I am feeling great. Physically I am consistently improving and very happy with the outcome. Mentally I have been given a peace of mind that I couldn't have dreamed of and I am on a great path to recovery.  - Rick P.
I am consistently improving and very happy with the outcome


"As far as my husband & I are concerned, Dr. Hooman Melamed saved my husband's life!!! He not only gave him the ability to walk again (after having incorrect procedures & a botched surgery by another doctor which only made his condition worse) but found a massive staph infection from that other doctor's surgery which would have definitely killed him!!! We thank our Son & God every day for leading us to this wonderful, highly-skilled, & caring Doctor!!! We can't thank you enough, Dr. Melamed!!! P. Kinsella
Dr. Hooman Melamed saved my husband's life

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    "An honest, ethical physician. I've read up and researched him thoroughly. Most importantly, he is skillful. "

    Yosi B
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    "I am now pain free and have Dr. Melamed to thank. I highly recommend Dr. Melamed to anyone with spine issues."

    Lauren S.
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    "Dr.Melamed has the best bedside manor, he's very compassionate, and sincerely cares about his patients... not to mention an EXCELLENT surgeon."

    LaRue D.
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    "Dr. Melamed was able to help my mom get back on her feet. He really cares about his patients and always goes above and beyond."

    Ben B.
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    "I would encourage anyone with chronic back to make an appointment and find relief."

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  • Vitals

    "He is truly an expert in his field. He was so patient, friendly, and was always open and honest about the whole process. I recommend him to everyone."

    Verified Patient
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